The Sun Went Down In Style

by Wayne Francis



released September 7, 1997



all rights reserved


Wayne Francis Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Track Name: Miller's Road

By the miller's road it's rising and the night is almost black
Call the mothers and the daughters, there may be no turning back
Now you may see the one you need and thank the Lord I'm him
By the miller's road it's rising and the stars are in good trim

By the miller's road it's rising and the world is dressed in spring
There'll be no explanation for the magic it might bring
Now you may see the friend you need inside the dream I'm in
By the miller's road it's rising where the moss hangs on the limb

Now the movie stars ride cadillacs
With the diamond dogs upon their laps
That seat will slide back just a little more

By the miller's road it's rising as the moon climbs in to view
You can leave it all in my hands, I will do what I must do
Now you may see a friend in need there looking back at you
By the miller's road it's rising and we've dusted off curfew

Now the millionaires can drink champagne
And toast the girls and raise the cain
Still Saturdays mean all the world to me

By the miller's road it's late now and the tide has slipped away
Here lost amid the wonder at the dawning of the day
I've heard that lonesome stories end where dreams come true begin
By the miller's road it's rising, feel the earth beneath you spin
You have arrived where you belong with sunshine on your skin
On the miller's road returning and the day is in fine trim
Track Name: Ballad Of The Bluenose

Well now gather 'round and I'll tell you true
'Bout the ghost of a legend and the waters she's been through
Out of Lunenburg she was born to fame
With her crew unsung, never to complain
She was lightning on the wind the Bluenose was her name

Barely one year old when she had her way
Outsailed the finest ships in Nova Scotia of the day
And the word had spread and by fall she'd be
With her mainsail high, through the wind and waves
Sailing home from Gloucester hailed the fastest of the sea

So fare thee well, now be on your way
Fare thee well with the light of day
Fare thee well through the mist and sea
Sail your way home to me

More than ninety-nine tons she displaced with ease
And she proved the greatest miracle to ever catch a breeze
But still every year she would earn her keep
Where the Grand Banks heave and the storms contrive
She would fill her hold with bounty of the deep

Well the decades glide and her prowess grew
And long the list of schooners who could never follow through
But as time drew on and with bills to pay
Sad misfortune led to the southern sea
And now her papers read, "West Indies Trading Company"


"Twas a cruel day back in forty-six
Just off the coast of Haiti was the devil playing tricks
On an unmarked reef underneath the blue
There she came to rest, lying brave and true
A thousand miles or more from where her dreams were cast anew

Then from Lunenburg down to Gloucester town
And all across the ocean to her northern fishing ground
For that one long day, yea the wind stood still
As the rigging creaked, you could feel her pain
Like a ghostly voice was echoing that Bluenose was her name

Track Name: Sixteen Mile Road

Sixteen mile road winds the valley on down to the farm
A girl living there is the picture of that sweet rural charm
Knowing that someone is wanting to keep her in sight
Holding hands in the starglow, there was joy in the country that night

Sixteen mile road found a young man in search of his way
Escaping the sound of a past that had crumbled to clay
Pull out from cities where wishes just go unreplied
Sixteen mile road was the best thing that he ever tried

Sixteen mile road is abundant in wilds of the land
The wind whipped the trees and the waves stirred the seaweed and sand
Settling in where the old wood fire calls like a friend
Sixteen mile road is the place where all wandering ends

Gone are the days when the wagons and sleighs
Would return from the valley below
Save what you can though the going gets tough
And the old folks are dust
And the rivers of change overflow

So take heed all you rounders if ever you feel you could stand
A taste of a place where the living is more than you planned
And everything under the sun is a country delight
Sixteen mile road has a lot and they do it up right
Together at midnight, there was no toil incumbant that night
Track Name: Midnight Rose

I held you dancing in the dark
Outside the rain fell on the shore
Holding you close enough, until the world lets go of us
And all those haunting memories go away

In my mind I see a midnight rose
Who touched my soul, I guess it shows
Standing in between, you're my gentle child and a young man's dream
Let all the books and movies fade to grey

So dream the good dream on, you know your on your way
Behold this fool believer building castles made of clay
And dream the good dream true, fair chivalry survives
Of coats of mail, knight errantry, their ghosts still come alive

The leaves have turned as they must do
With days together, oh so few
Fingers do entwine, do they reach your heart like they reach for mine
And leave us only one small breath away

So dream the good dream on, the wind is on the rise
Hearts of strong foundation need not know the reason why
And dream the good dream true, your faith will be your guide
The first day of September slips away just like the tide

If ever you must go a while
I wish you all that life can style
Though all around me winter's froze, you're still beside me like a rose
In my mind to melt the snow away
Track Name: Angeline

Hear the distant sound of children at their games
Coming up the road on a summer breeze
The crooked path we've traveled sometimes brings us to our knees
What might have been is nothing more than some imaginary dream hidden by design
Oh come to me now, sweet Angeline

If you like I'll take you walking where the sand dunes
Meet the waves when the sun goes down
And for a while to leave behind this tangled web we've found
What comes to pass is something not too easily unfolded or defined
Oh come to me now, sweet Angeline

I can see the dark clouds form and carry out to sea
I can feel the winds of change, a new day about to be

Be the one and only reason for a man to open up his arms and say
What once we knew as pleasure takes new meaning on today
And rest assured I've saved a place
With my wicked and my wandering ways confined
Oh come to me now, sweet Angeline

I can see the mourning dove so light upon the breeze
I can feel the need to stay on longer, if you please

Hear the distant sound of semis heading westward on the road in the still of night
How once they always made me feel that restlessness for flight
But lying wide awake here with your beauty and your fragrance on my mind
Oh come to me now, sweet Angeline
Track Name: The Sun Went Down In Style

Now the river stands before us like some oxbow borderline
Though I have come to trace your thoughts, I can't heal you, flesh and mind
I'm standing here accused, on trial for the man I've come to be
And if I die gone wrong heaven help me

The sun went down in style, when we were only dreams
In starlight older than the hills and younger than the sea
The sun went down in style

In between the hills of morning and the dark side of the moon
Reside the days we've numbered inside twilight's golden room
The passing travellers in the night on some dark and windy road
Chasing down the wild prairie seed they sowed

The sun went down in style, when we were only dreams
In starlight older than the hills and younger than the sea
The sun went down in style

The earth's skin beneath the forest
Abandoned black and blue and dry
The patron saint of karma warned us
See it written on the midnight sky

The sun went down in style, when we were only dreams
In starlight older than the hills and younger than the sea
The sun went down in style, when we were only dreams
In starlight older than the hills and younger than the sea
The sun went down in style
Track Name: Winter Wood

Winter wood, the branch that carried life to you is quiet now
Reminds me of the frost with each new cracking bough
Winter trees, you'll come once more to greet me but will she

Winter songs, the music that you play for us is sad and long
And feeling down just can't be very far from wrong
Winter tune, strike your final chord and warm her room

I remember when her eyes would say so much to me
I recall they never left my sight, another man's tonight

Winter snow, we've seen what your hand can do, now you must go
Carry with you everything we've come to know
Winter deep, remove your covers from her restless sleep
Track Name: A Word To The Wise

There's a long way to go at the end of the day
As the sky bids adieu to the sun
When the bright lights of town push the darkness away
And the ritual dance has begun
So take care on the way, she waits at your door
With a light left to burn til the dawn
For two souls in the night with a vow to repair
A word to the wise, may the guilty beware

On the uncharted waters where the ghost ships convene
Where no wake or displacement betrays
The channel they sail or what lies in between
Midnight and the strange port it shades
Oh don't you see the current so fast
And the rocks and the reefs don't keep score
The fool's gold you wager is all you can spare
A word to the wise, let the guilty beware

For all the falling angels, with dreams to fly
On wings as light as air
And when I'm feeling holy and catch your eye
The starlight dances on your hair

There's a road in my mind to some warm southern shore
With no firm destination to keep
From the tall Georgia pines to the redwoods that soar
By the ocean so blue and so deep
Then my whiskers are grey, eternity speaks
And it whispers names I knew before
Alone by the sea with the wind like a prayer
A word to the wise, let the guilty beware
A woman's true love can't be held to compare
A word to the wise, may the guilty beware
Track Name: A Daydream And A Prayer

At times upon refashioning what used to be
And wandering the old streets in my own company
Your bedroom filling with that fragrant summer night
I'm at your windowsill beneath the soft moonlight
Being careful who might wake to find us there
Then to leave you in the morning with a daydream and a prayer

Often times I find myself down by the sea
Or sailing on the ocean bathed in deep lucidity
I see those friends around the room and you so kind
The nights were long and there was apple pie and wine
But feelings fade, the ghosts will vanish in the air
Nothing left to do but send a daydream and a prayer

All the way down to the morning light
Forgiveness calls you as you go
Then once again to the gates of night
That draw you like an undertow

It's true that I was young with still so much to learn
With dreams to be buried and with bridges to burn
With all that's come and gone to ease this mystery
Still all those in between have never set me free
Though words are hollow and their meaning so unfair
They fly the space between a daydream and a prayer
Track Name: Let The River Run Free

There's an old ship I have found
It is my shelter when the rain comes falling down
These lines I've earned upon my face
This turning planet draws and high noon summer can't erase
This I say to you my friend
The letter of the law is not ours to defend
The moon may have its way tonight with soldiers weary of the fight

Let the river run free and in, into the sun
Lest whoever may be wanting, should find a ship to sail upon
Where the river and sea are the union of one
Feel the wind at your back, clean and strong

Look to any compass point from here
The love that one man finds, ten more watch disappear
The northern lights like phantoms dance
The dreams dim one by one, all lost in tangled circumstance
Down by this old railyard tonight
The watchman passes by in dream dispersing light
Hold on for one more day my friend, where love and branches never bend

Let the river run free and in, into the sun
Lest whoever may seek glory, will find the wind to ride upon
And the truth we believe binding, is not undone

There's an old place I have found
It is my refuge when the darkness falls around
The moon may steal across the sky, the dawn returning by and by