Halfway To Infinity

by Wayne Francis



released December 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Wayne Francis Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Track Name: Halfway To Infinity

Returning home by dawn, I thought of you
We talked the hours away, the whole night through
We wandered past the storefronts, dampened by the rain
Tonight that silver bird steals you time zones away
That much is plain
So halfway to infinity must do, for infinity is you

I waited for your sign, my thoughts were pure
I slept through fevered nights, you held the cure
The light was growing dim across the vast terrain
I need you here to hold me, there's silence on the wire
That much is plain
So halfway to infinity must do, for infinity is you

The gift I gave to you, still lies unclaimed
You're not inclined to take my call, well some things never change

Far off the church bell tolled, I thought of you
I walked the streets alone, dropped out of view
The cruel revolving door, not subjugating pain
My sin was loneliness, I'm still not over you
That much is plain
So halfway to infinity must do, for infinity is you
So halfway to infinity must do, for infinity is you
Track Name: Ingredients Of Love

A chance encounter, airport lounge
Side by side until touch down
Share a taxi into town
Those are just a few, ingredients of love

A sun drenched ocean skinnydip
Saltwater kisses on our lips
With intertwining fingertips
Those are just a few, ingredients of love

(Bridge 1)
Who here could let go and still remember
Those gentle, sweet reminders tucked away
Who among us holds a thought so tender
And dreams a dream that recreates the day

A late night caught out in the rain
Then fingers strum a warm refrain
Smiling faces make it plain
We've unlocked the key, ingredients of love

Whispered conversations spark
As knowing glances find their mark
Then to lay beside you in the dark
Those are the precious few, ingredients of love

(Bridge 2)
Elapsing time may alter our perceptions
Winds of change may come and they may go
The seeds we've sown still live since their inception
At peace within the garden where they grow

The joy exerting suntanned limbs
Embracing days filled to the brim
Drift off as movie lights are dimmed
How could we deny, ingredients of love

I saw you off one summer's 'eve
Left clinging to my last reprieve
We kissed farewell and I believed
We'd soon meet to renew, ingredients of love

(Bridge 3)
Almost half a lifetime passed so quickly
I spent it where the coast and sunrise met
Where I would go my love for you went with me
I found you by the hills where sun would set

Fast forward now to mountain peaks
A distant avalanche unleashed
Your hand in mine as my heart seeks
Those elusive fading few, ingredients of love

I'm resolved to live life undeterred
The love inside me, I have learned
To make peace in what's not been returned
And keep alive the fragile few, ingredients of love
Track Name: Shasta

There was a time long ago, caught in the soft afterglow
A seaside destination, where true love once had flowed
Being unreconciled, now I wake up alone
Where the driftwood piled high on the shore

Oh my Shasta girl, it's cruel world
That can leave us feeling empty, we were just too young to choose
Oh my Shasta girl, fingers brushed through the curls
You're too pretty to be crying and we're both too proud to lose

I remember that day, I had thought I would stay
In the warmth of your laughing, in the warmth of your way
But as the big sun descends, eden's gate closed as I
Tend my ship left to stand high and dry


The shadows return from the coal mine below
And the full moon delivers its frost to the rose
The swallows recede from the fast falling light
Our summer ends I suppose

Track Name: Greystone Cathedral

Oh greystone cathedral, watch over my love
I know of your shadow's long reach
Perhaps you may see her from your loft high above
Down below in the meadows or streets
But I'm far away from the cool alpine air
As I pine away by the sea
Oh mountain cathedral, watch over my love
And keep her safe now where e'er she might be

Oh greystone cathedral, ring out to my love
Who had returned from beyond the abyss
It had taken a lifetime to unleash that sweet flood
Another lifetime I do not possess
Here as I rest far away in the shade
Of a tree watching ships passing by
Oh mountain cathedral, ring out to my love
Let the wind dry a tear in my eye

Oh greystone cathedral, bells sing to my love
With your music so ancient and steeped
Your sound in the evening will scatter the doves
And wash over the room where she sleeps
As I lay awake on a far away shore
Which is why upon you I rely
Oh mountain cathedral, sing out to my love
To remind her true loves never die
Track Name: Wings Of A Dream

All but once in a while, I keep my eyes straight ahead
There's not a stone left unturned, I keep my conscience well fed
My mind never wavers, living life here at hand
I don't ask for no favours, I see the lay of the land
I keep my hand at the ready, over uneven ground
I never pause to consider, you're still nowhere to be found
Well at least I never do til I am gliding on, the wings of a dream

All but once in a while, it's all clear in my mind
The more often I see, the raw feelings refined
I used to reach for a number, I used to reach for the phone
I didn't slow down to wonder, if you're even alone
It was a natural act, like the moth to the flame
Now I find no occasion, to even think of your name
Well at least I never do til I am flying on, the wings of a dream

Oh, those are the times I must surrender
Days and nights too numerous to name
These borrowed wings have no way to be rising
When gravity returns to rule again

On the wings of a dream, is a place I'm content
A refuge where the past, knows it can't make a dent
I don't look for excuses, that may lie in the weeds
Temptation calls, I refuse it, my standard always exceeds
There's a smile on my face, the sun and waters will shine
The ecstasy is forgotten, of your lips kissing mine
Well at least it is forgotten til I'm riding on, the wings of a dream
Track Name: As Far As I Can See

With no place left to turn, we watched a lost love crash and burn
With all the time and space that's passed between
Adrift upon the wide unsettled plains
As far as I can see, love's out of range

In no uncertain words, across the miles sent undeferred
No need to measure every sentence there
Decoding every message locked inside
As far as I can see the writer lied

Your suntanned skin and mine
Summer clothes we felt the best within
Well worn throughout the days
Midnight oil, tequila and this mandolin
Friends were seldom far
In quiet times we made some deals to last
But now it's four AM
Putting down the phone and filling one more glass

In no uncertain terms, fate dealt it's hand to all concerned
I'll stay a bit unsure of where mine stands
Out here where the lines are set in stone
And the cold December winds cut to the bone
As far as I can see, time will atone
Track Name: Sylvan Lake

The green leaves quiver in the wind, by waters crystal blue
I scan the far side of the shore, scented candles burn for you
Take me to a state of grace, forgive me each mistake
I made along the crooked path that leads to Sylvan Lake

The first time I had set my gaze, where the white swans gently ply
I was a boy not twenty-one, whose dreams had filled the sky
But all that changed one moment, homeward bound for goodness sake
Until I spied the fair maid on the shore of Sylvan Lake

I knew from whence I saw her face, before I knew her name
That all I'd done or dreamed to do, would never be the same
My fate had changed forever, not one protest could I make
I was beholden to the lass that dwelled by Sylvan Lake

So I summoned all my courage, took a stroll one evening fair
And soon I found myself at peace, where beauty filled the air
I confessed my love, she said, "No hearts tonight will break"
And I lay with her 'til morning came to bask on Sylvan Lake

She told me I must go a while, there's business to attend
But when the autumn leaves change hue, I may return again
I waited through that season, and when winter's grip did break
Still no word had made its way to me from Sylvan Lake

Years have passed, the decades fly, a new century was born
Ten thousand days and nights have gone, I keep her memory warm
Through the troubles and the good times, through it all I cannot shake
The vision of the lady I had known by Sylvan Lake

One morning came like all the rest, I was bracing for the day
When the message I'd been waiting for, upon my table lay
"Remember darling, I'm the one, who'd made a grave mistake
And do you still recall the time we spent by Sylvan Lake"

I told her I remember well, and every detail drew
And much to my surprise and joy, she knew every detail too
We reveled in the happy times, and all we did partake
When the world was young and fleeting by the shores of Sylvan Lake

So I looked around my house, for all that's dear to keep
And foremost there among it all, my children fast asleep
"Oh may I buy some time," I asked, "To place candles on their cake"
I held my breath and waited for a sound from Sylvan Lake

She answered very softly, but she answered very plain
"Though you had waited years for me, I cannot do the same
Though I may be the world to you, I fear no fence or stake
Can ever bind or tie me to the shore of Sylvan Lake"

So every day the sun will rise, I perform my duty well
I live my life still incomplete, I hear the mission bell
It's then my mind will wander, deep within a hollow ache
Consumes me 'til the day when I return to Sylvan Lake
Track Name: The Road Not Taken

The road not taken always will remain
In some dark subconscious recess of my brain
A stranger to the sunlight, perhaps the moon can sway
The shape the path not chosen takes today

We meet, by chance, young travellers waylayed
We take, our stance, in a dream the angels made
The thought of hearth and home
With you I'd come to crave
But you set me loose out on the storm tossed waves


The times, between, are not easily retraced
Sublime, the theme, that tied us each in place
My love outlasted time
And regret that came to me
For not following you home to set you free


Long years, removed, who foresaw the circumstance
Still time, is cruel, in the game of second chance
Ships passing in the night
Like some Greek tragedy
I return unto my solitude at sea

Track Name: Daylight

Excuse my calling, may I have a word today
It seems communication's on the fast track to decay
I see the twilight hours are fading fast
I'm looking for the strength I need to make it last

Wash them clean forever, these stains on our hands
Traces of those nights in darkness, you must understand
Dreams that lay in pieces on the ground
Were breathed new life but all too soon came crashing down

Set aside years vanquished, set aside what could not change
Lay it down and let us stand inside the cleansing rain
Turn it free forgiven, turn love free to rise and then
Lay it down and step into the clear daylight again

The best laid plans can make a u-turn on a dime
Running roughshod over bystanders not guilty of a crime
A thousand paper cuts might bleed me dry
You'd think I'd grow accustomed to the blindside of goodbye

Set aside years vanquished, set aside what could not change
Lay it down and let us stand inside the cleansing rain
Turn it free forgiven, turn love free to rise and then
Lay it down and step into the clear daylight again
Track Name: The Best Of Everything

Perhaps the dust has settled or perhaps it never will
Maybe the well has run dry and we have yet to drink our fill
If the dreams again are rising
From the places where they got their start
Let me say this from the heart

Wherever you may be tonight
Whatever new horizons are in sight
I wish you all the best of everything
In your heart and all that it contains
Still my love for you remains

I look into the future, for a glimmer of the past
I want you with me in sunshine, but now the skies are overcast
If the dreams are worth reviving
For what it's worth you know I'll do my part
Let me say this from the heart


The content of your feelings for me, I only ever guessed
They ebbed and flowed like seasons, how sweet it is when they're expressed
If what we knew is worth surviving
On the precipice I'm left to play my part
Let me say this from the heart

Track Name: When True Love Comes Home To Stay

When true love comes home to stay
Resplendent in the old fashioned way
Callous time knows no boundary, even rust has no say
When true love comes home to stay

When true love comes home to bless
The feelings two believers confess
Be certain and steadfast, as we live for the day
When true love comes home to stay

Can you remember the day and the season
On wings lifting off from the ground
Can you untangle the rhyme from the reason
For someone to be staying around

When true love comes home to touch
And whisper in our dreams we entrust
There's a highway before us and a star lights the way
When true love comes home to stay
When true love comes home to stay
Track Name: Soliloquy

I loved you once, I loved you twice
And somehow as if it was not enough
I'll love you eternally
You left me standing, reciting once more my soliloquy

Sometimes you'd text, sometimes you'd write
The first thing in the day when you awake
Or last thing before sleep
Those were the good days, now it's me, myself and my soliloquy

One day you're in, one day you're out
I was never sure one moment to the next
If I was inside your coterie
You left me stranded, lost to ponder my soliloquy

Sometimes I'd text, sometimes I'd write
But lately I could scarcely see the use
When there's no reply to read
You left me hanging, me, myself and my soliloquy

I loved you then, I love you now
Love constant as the northern star above
The mountains and the sea
Why do you leave me, to recite from memory my soliloquy

Belief and faith, I told you straight
It would have been so easy to deceive
You turned my honesty on me
I gave you cover, now it's me, myself and my soliloquy

The dreams may come, the dreams may go
Standing here my back toward the sun
Even love won't set me free
Still I'm beholden, to the broken dream, that's my soliloquy